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  • Name: Soft pvc money dog calendar for decoration
  • NO: KS55B-61660
  • Added time: 2017-03-25
  • Views : 6

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You must be a luck dog. Within the Chinese Zodiac, the Dog occupies the 11th position and symbolizes a loyal, kind and honest character. Those  soft PVC magnet and key chain in dog shapes reprents the sincere, trustworthy and reliable with a strong sense of duty and a clearly defined moral compass.Also,vivd dogs in varied sounveris can make be a funny decoration for your home and Christmas.


  * 2018 Year Symbol:Sounenris

  *Material:Soft PVC

  *Model Number:KS55B-

  *Color:As photo or customized

  *Size:Size:As photo or customized

About This Brand

  The Arts & Crafts audited 15 years experiences in manufacturing & export business

   *12 years supplier for supplier                                                                                       

  *15 years experiences in manufacturing & export business

   *12 years supplier for Russia Market

   *12 years supplier for ALDI

   Kinsheng distinctive designs can make your shop stand out from the crowd. Each year we design hundreds of unique, new products to add that point of difference that will make customers spend with you instead of your competitors.

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